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It can take many years to claim a route but we continue to put pressure on the authorities to action DMMOs. Please scroll down for the latest campaigns where we need your help.

Path from the Wyke to Benthall Edge

We have submitted a modification order to Shropshire Council requesting that this path be upgraded to a restricted byway. It forms a vital link between the Jack Mytton Way and the bridleways running through Benthall Edge. At the moment riders, if they want to get to Buildwas and on to Ironbridge, have to ride down the busy Much Wenlock A road.

Chapel Road to Calcutts Road in Jackfield

A DMMO was submitted in March 2018 for this 200 year old road to be recognised as a public right of way. In June 2018 the land owners have blocked all access to dog walkers, ramblers, the disabled, cyclists, horse riders and the odd carriage drivers (yes people have driven up it in living memory!). Submit a user evidence form.

Claiming routes around the Wrekin

None of the routes that we currently ride around the Wrekin are classed as bridleways and the land owner has made a declaration order to prevent future users claiming 20 year use. So we are dependent now on historical users and urgently need witness statements to confirm that you have ridden these routes in the past. Witness statements need to be submitted with the DMMOs to save these routes.

Shropshire Star support our campign to stop deliberate vandalism of bridleways with broken glass, trip wires, snares and holes

"Walkers and riders are being put in danger by a saboteur who is laying broken glass, tins, branches and twine along a public footpath near Much Wenlock" as reported in the Shropshire Star in April 2017. This has been followed up by the local police and the Shropshire Council. Please report any other such incidences so that we can keep our countryside safe and a joy to use.