What to do if a bridleway is blocked or obstructed

If blocked by over hanging branches then that is the responsibility of the adjoining land owners to clear. If blocked by the surface i.e. boggy, an obstruction along the route, or overgrown surface, then it is the responsibility of the council to rectify. However, it is often difficult to find out who the land owner is in many circumstances. If this is the case then complain to the council. You will need a map to copy and mark exactly where the problem is. Telford OS Map is "Explorer 242". The rest of Shropshire is on the website "www.shropshiresgreatoutdoors.com.uk". Pick interactive map.

Rights of Way officer for Shropshire is Shona Butter.

Rights of Way officer for Telford is Andrew Careless.

Head your letter or email OFFICIAL COMPLAINT and make sure that they send you an incident number by reply - if not then request one. Please feel free to copy us so that it can be raised at future meetings that we attend at which we campaign for the continued right of access to bridleways.

Updates on current issues and blockages can be found on our facebook page. Click here to download a copy of the BHS leaflet which provides details about your rights.