2026: Why is it so important?

From the BHS website: "In 2000, the Countryside and Rights of Way Act was introduced in England and Wales. Section 53 of the Act provides for a cut-off date in 2026, which means that many historic routes of use to horse riders and carriage drivers will be extinguished if they are not formally recorded as a bridleway or restricted byway. These unrecorded routes actually exist in law but have been temporarily lost to the public and are in danger of having their rights extinguished. Our aim is to safeguard them for public use so that equestrians today and in the future have safe off-road routes to ride and carriage drive on. Just because you currently ride on a route doesn’t mean it’s recorded and protected from extinguishment. That’s a frightening thought as there are some areas with very few recorded routes and 2026 is closer than you think – we’re already more than half way there."

Our motto is therefore RECORD IT OR LOSE IT!.

We are working hard to ensure routes are recorded and we need your help! A list of active campaigns and training dates can be found on our CAMPAIGNS page.

We need to 1) identify unrecorded routes, 2) gather evidence statements to show that they have been ridden (along with historic evidence where appropriate), and 3) submit DMMOs (definitive map modification orders) otherwise our right to ride these routes will be lost.